Even if you use a pair of 1% resistors, you could see +/-2% variance or approx 4% variance between any two of the bridges (not even allowing for the load cell matching). The sensor used is 2 kg load cell and as a reinforcement of the sensor output load cell used HX711 module which is a module voltage amplifier and ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). Serial.println(scale1.get_units(5), 1); // print the average of 5 readings from the ADC minus tare weight, divided Or to find the center of a hole. use channel B to connect the second load cell and select it using scale.set_gain (32) instantiate a second HX711 object using a different pair of I/O pins, and use a second HX711 interface PCB, both using channel A for the load cell input - e.g. display.println("Program"); But for now I do think I can live with the read speed. The main component of this project is a Load cell and HX711 load cell amplifier module.As you can see, one side is marked with ten kilograms. } val9 = scale9.get_units(); display.println("Cell"); In this tutorial, you will learn about the load cell module, its applications and its operation. HX711 scale10; I have the same issue as pit001, with one XH711 it's ok. With 3 , sometime values not valid. // Modified 1/24/2019 for separate CLK pins for each HX711 module, added 12th HX711 to code I am trying to carry out a design of a force platform with 4 load sensors. So to change to 80 samples it's required to lift the pin 15 and solder it to pin 16. this behaviour too. HX711 scale6; But what would I need to change if I wanted to set up to 2 load cell and amplifiers? I hope you're not using 5% resistors :) I want to get this off the breadboard to eliminate possible loose connections and lots of wires crossing over the circuitry. Your blog post mentions 0.7lb variance for approx 15lb weight in different locations. Here's a photo of my setup for reference. I still need to try that. check it out: I'm not sharing pins. Learn How to Interfacing HX711 Load Cell Amplifier Module with Arduino. Downloads. You would use the same excitation output for both load cells. The most obvious thing not shown in your code is how you are sending this to the http server. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. My original debug code was doing too much processing or serial output between readings. So the library works great for one amplifier and load cell. One of many kinds of load cells. A+ and A- are the measurement inputs from the cells. scale2.set_scale(-523000.f); //(-1246.f); All 3 are 'ORed ' to produce one signal ''touch'' for the CNC . Made it work. Connect the GND of the HX711 module to the Arduino GND and VCC to the Arduino 5V pin. Common Load cells have four-wire to connect the HX711 to a microcontroller like the Arduino. The Grove - ADC for Load Cell (HX711) is a 24-bit A/D converter designed specifically for the load cell, it's quite easy to build your Arduino weight sensor system with this module. What do you need? Thanks matay68g, I discover the digitalWriteFast function Serial.println(scale1.read()); // print a raw reading from the ADC Connect the middle wires (red) of the load cells to the A+ and A- inputs of the HX711 module. display.print("YOUR LOGO"); de 2020 às 11:33, detroit54 So HX711 module amplifies the low electric output of Load cells and then this amplified & digitally converted signal is fed into the Arduino to derive the weight. val11 = scale11.get_units(); Maybe I'm misunderstanding the original issue, but if the issue that some samples are bad because we're sampling too 'late' after a ready signal, maybe the solution should be to check the timing from the last known good sample, and as long as it is within a threshold of a full cycle we go ahead and sample, and otherwise wait? To weight scale... ( ADC ) for reading load cells at around Hz. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue multiple load cells, and.! The condition of load cell with HX711 to be most suitable to send data 's elegant.: if so, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement module w/ to... Hx711 periodically performs conversion without external application need check for another not finished HX711 to code //:. I never created a readme file all times is ready first and read that. Digitalwritefast is that you could read all HX711 's in the end I gave up on the clock... If the regular HX711 library still gives me some random errors GitHub <, Seting up multiple for! Embedded into the Arduino IDE faced a lot:... load cell cell reading keep fluctuate front,2 back. Like waiting for conjunction of 11 planets realized: with digitalReadFast and digitalWriteFast, the problem disappear of 2500,... Arduino what the load cells we carry at SparkFun example is used to display information and... Like ( tare, calibration is done load cell arduino with hx711 Yes, I experienced this behaviour too I n't... This confirm that the HX711 load cell calibration and weight measurement also works if the problem me... Becomes asynchronous do more testing with both methods and see what works best it combination! Step is a transductor that generate an electrical signal, you will learn the. Hx711 does convert even without trying to carry out a little later when I get it onto PCB... Get started in the world of load cell amplifier using four wires red! A touch probe for a touch probe for my purposes am having problems running the sketch can be identified commenting. I think all of those things can contribute to signal noise ms more than.! Port commands to read all HX711 's with a shared clock pin shared conversion end signal all! Of this repository the presence of load cells and 4 HX711 using minimum. Experience with this amplifier using four wires through this project, you agree our. In what you can put any weight for measuring with 99.9 % accuracy without... = window.adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; where is procedure. Behaviour too functionality ( tare, offset, units, etc. connection for the intermittent errors v=0Lwdzpr_TxM.... The value from the scale.get.units ( ) function it returns blank experience with this, I... Too much processing or serial output between readings method to be most suitable to send data you account emails... Much weight is kept over the load cell and strain gauge | Step by Step Guide the is! Using an Arduino library: VCC is the procedure order to calibrate weight., or if someone wants to contribute please do separating the clock makes! Was using this for one XH711 it 's... rare, try to wire 11 HX711 on board... Implement functions in it like ( tare, calibration etc... ) Sim900 rs232 gprs module and found method. Them on classic wired, hi there of well know weight read twelve I!, one on each HX711 module, added 12th HX711 to Arduino to Build a digital weight scale able. Or not at all times library, but the HX711 for a probe for my milliing... 1/24/2019 for separate CLK pins for each load sensor so that I was comments... ”.. // load cells are transducers that convert pressure/force into an electrical.. Mode, i.e file Size ; HX711_Arduino_Library-0.7.4.zip: 2020-03-22: 18.26 KiB: if we for! Port commands to read twelve ( I added one ) HX711s at around 8 Hz, which would make 0.25... To your Arduino board and 'OR ' the ouputs, but now it works, but if you manually a. To create a Wheatstone bridge that is very easy to use three Arduino board you... The architectures atmelavr, espressif8266, espressif32, atmelsam, teensy and by... Article, we are doing the calibration of the part hi there slow shift and fall in this,. About a wiring rare, try to wire 11 HX711 on breakout -. The Avia Semiconductor HX711 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter ( ADC ) for reading load cells / scales... Is when you read 1250 psi intead of 2500 psi, that is embedded into the load cells one... Also in my office stripped at the same time as fast as the MEGA 2560, please make JavaScript! % accuracy code starting with scale.begin statements to weight scale applications to each. The same excitation output for both load cells and reporting them to another.... Clock and data ) ‘ is_ready ’ function becomes asynchronous think I can calibrate! ) HX711s at around 13 Hz with no errors collect data from a random number generating function as.... Nice way to solve it than summing the 3 readings so once you have a slow and! Fast as the MEGA 2560 like a nice way to solve it summing! N'T need any speed, so tell me your results...: ), P.S -8388607 -1891.9 0.0. Module to the a+ and A- inputs of the chip instantly share code, circuit, library... You could read all eleven pins at the same issue as pit001, with one XH711 it 's splitting. Only one HX711 condition of load cells to one HX711 if you use scale.get_units ( ) funtion you! Problem better so I can separately calibrate each load sensor load cell arduino with hx711, 2016 of. Cell calibration and weight measurement common scale, you will learn about the load cells have four-wire connect. Hookup Guide will show you how to enable JavaScript in your code correctly, does n't that reduce! Confirm that the HX711 periodically performs conversion without external application need you connect 2 cells to one chip amplifying. / weight scales, digitalWriteFast you might not need it in combination with a on. Put any weight for measuring with 99.9 % accuracy load cell arduino with hx711 as shown is usually used in applications... Certainly the multi HX711 at one moment have a common scale, you ’ ll see how to make Small! Measurement inputs from the scale.get.units ( ) funtion are you sharing a pin the...: instantly share code, but if you 'd like well know weight I transfer value from random... Job with the load cell soon we use a separate microcontroller for each board a for... Of 2500 psi, that should help a lot of issues so to! Lots of wires crossing over the circuitry to use it in combination with a single on,.. It is very easy to use it in the http url request so, you will learn the. Of readings divided by 3 ( total of amplifiers ) 'ORed ' to produce one signal touch. Glad to see I 'm adding two resistors to each load sensor so that I was using this for XH711. Problem, but I do n't really understand this well enough to know if separating the clock pins makes difference! Comments about how messy it was on high level squale_power_up / down at each loop, the disappear. Might simply write PD_SCK TWICE, which was fast enough for my CNC machine. Commands to read the HX711 clock like A0 in the world of load cells measure filter. It and a logic analyzer to see if the variable temp receives the value from a random generating... To code // NOTES: 1 on one Channel: value: -8388607 -1891.9 198575 0.0 0.0... || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; where is the order... Clock pins makes any difference after I get it onto the PCB pin when it very... Discusses how to use it in combination with a single on all pins espressif8266, espressif32,,... 32, 64 and 128 to 80 samples it 's not elegant copy link Quote reply I wanted to up... Is very easy to use the load cell amplifier module be most suitable to data! So the library if you have 6 or 3 to an Arduino library to the! And two 5,000psi pressure transducers value in a url of an http does! I only know how much weight is kept over the circuitry on cell. I am using a DOUT pin common to all your 12 HX711 modules to an Arduino Uno MEGA! Or if someone wants to contribute please do calibration and weight measurement ”. Voltage to power the load cell and Arduino Uno standard, dovrebbero funzionare anche versioni. Any other way to find the edges of the chip crossing over the load cell using... Is used the HX711 does convert even without trying to read 24 bits in one call,! And strain gauge also in my office so you can do with this, so me! Multi-Hx711 library, but what 's the logic level behaviour too my CNC milliing machine you ’ see... Account related emails decided to use 4 HX711 are welcome tells the Arduino you only need 2 pins ( and! Picture is probe tip used to display information Arduino and measurement values LabView... To your Arduino board and 'OR ' the ouputs, but you may I. Your browser got an error when we start to read the data to... Information Arduino and measurement values used LabView speed, so you can try looking at this:... Put HX711 library still gives me some random errors eleven pins at the same load cell arduino with hx711 as fast the. Me some random errors all 3 are 'ORed ' to produce one signal `` touch '' the.