Weather is the biggest variable when you’re choosing the best Iridium lens color for golf. 87,99 € 87,99 € livraison incl. In direct sunlight during cold weather, the Transitions Lenses (top) achieve their darkest tint. These lenses are not a good choice for driving lenses so you will need to have a second set of lenses or sunglasses to use for driving. Contrast Neutral. These sunglasses are great for most, but not all conditions. Here is a list of Oakley Lens Tints. They simply slide in and a small lever on either side of the frame locks the lens into place. These lenses are also great for riding in the cold winter months as the lenses have no problem achieving their darkest tint in cooler weather. I found this out the hard way when driving into the setting sun and realizing that the lenses were not providing protection from the bright sun. You can get these lenses in: Clear to Black Iridium (the ones I just reviewed) Red – designed for endurance athletes to eliminate road glare and allow a calming red light to enter the eye The Fast Jacket offers wearers the option to use multiple lenses with one frame. Fast, free US shipping and returns. VLT. Each color offers a polarized option to further minimize glare. The XL lens shape will fit all Flak 2.0 frames. Black Iridium: Excellent all-purpose lens for sunny conditions. Picture Information. [CDATA[ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // ]]> Transitions offered to send a pair of sunglasses featuring their adaptive lenses for testing. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Many might be familiar with Transitions Lenses from the prescription glasses that have utilized the technology for about 20 years. //